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Behind Lawyer'd

Lawyer’d is a webcomic that explores law with visual art. Each episode, the cast of Lawyer’d endures hypothetical “what if” scenarios in fictional but realistic ways. The goal is to provide a Webtoon style digest of hypotheticals for, say, those unable to appreciate walls of text from some lawyer’s blog you stumbled upon.

The rewards you get for supporting Lawyer’d connect you closer to the content and to the creator, like Zoom parties and lots of exclusive Patron-only content! When you get Lawyer’d, you allow this lawyer to give back to the community not just through Lawyer’d comic content, but through other good causes too.

Since Lawyer’d is infotainment, it should go without saying that nothing here should ever be taken as legal advice because every case and every place may have different rules.

Video & webcomic “About” intros coming later!
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