About the Lawyer’d Comic

My name is Steve aka Wanderer
and I’m creating webcomics.

Whats with the Patreon? Between being a lawyer, helping the charity I created to support the arts, student loans and managing the cost of living, there’s little time I can juggle. That’s where Patreon comes in. Becoming a Patron empowers me with the ability to make more time to make more things for you. While the content is originally digital, your support will also allow me to make prints and awesome merch for supporters and convention tables. The more support, the more time I can spend on the content!

Hey, thanks for checking out my webcomic website! I currently make two main series: one called Lawyer’d, and another called The Adventures of Zing! This project is a bit different in that it’s a self-funded webcomic, meaning you get the comics for free!

Lawyer’d is a slice-of-life dramedy about the exploits of a moony cartoony lawyer named Georges Loon living “the bar life” in a place called Nowhere. The series focuses on two main themes: the struggles and trials of a lawyer, and the importance of friendship.

The Adventures of Zing is an action-adventure fantasy dramedy about a young and eccentric hero in an alternate universe. Zing’s world is one of high technology, but his journey is more than a bit strange, as he must use technology to defend himself against bizarre foes.

I’ll also be adding my scenic artwork into reward content as well as general art for fans to enjoy from both series.

Some of the apps I use in making webcomics and art include Procreate and Medigbang. I used a 6th Gen. iPad and an Apple Pencil. I’d love to see how CSP and a Wacom improves things, maybe in the future!

Discord is probably the most awesome voice and text chat app out there. Mainly for gamers, it’s found a use as a general social app for many things, such as those that like my work!

Join us on QENjagy if you’re interested!

These projects will feature original characters, art and writing by not just myself, but also friends and collaborators that may want to join me in creating this story- including you! The first issues will be one-shot adventures, with the next arc (and all subsequent installments) to be ongoing webcomics. The greater the readership, support and demand, the more responsive and rewarding following the series will become.

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