Get a glimpse of this summer’s WIPs, pictures in post!

While things slowly start to settle in, I wanted to give an update with some lightly colored draft sketches involving the first few Lawyer’d scenarios currently being drafted. Consider these concepts since I’m still trying to fight for that right balance of synergy between the text outline and the visual — and I am absolutely more lawyer than visual artist, haha!

As you can see, the first hypo is going to deal with a topic very frequently encountered in online comic making in a humorous way — copyright infringement and the DMCA!

In this hypothetical, Georges deals with Lawyer’d itself being stolen and used on competitor website “Attorney’d” and once the initial “WTF” rage quells, you’ll get to see how he tackles this under what people are most familiar with under the DMCA — executing a §512 takedown notice.

There’s a reason Georges’ concept art and drawings are very simple but with extremely over-exaggerated expressions with all the face wrinkling, sharp eyebrows and whatnot. Often when people encounter the law, they’re reactive — expressive! I do my best to try to portray some of these knee-jerk reactions to situations with overly-expressive characters in that regards because, well for one it’s humorous, and two, it’s likely what you might feel when these situations happen. While (I hope) my characters are able to stay calm and collected in the situations they get into, we all know that not everyone’s good at keeping a lid on it. Not everyone is as cold and emotionless as a law– textboox. Ahem. So, this is my way of trying to keep these characters relatable to a variety of personalities.

(That’s also a hint for when you submit topic ideas to me, to let me know how you might want to see the characters feel! The challenges don’t necessarily need to be legal challenges, but they can be social, economic, emotional, physical, etc!)

Finally, the episode will end with a teaser about art theft in the future. Zing will initiate a pursuit of long-time nemesis Quersheyeyon (“Quershy”) — don’t ask, I came up with the name when I was like 5 — and down the road perhaps teach you about some niche topics like moral rights (or lack thereof) in the US vs EU, damages and criminal copyright problems!

Thanks for your early support of Lawyer’d and I hope you look forward to content as it comes out! I’ll also be finishing the old sketches I started on for the original first episode of Lawyer’d, The Adventures of Zing and Jam so you can learn a little about each world and the main characters.