Let’s get Lawyer’d!

We’re off to an exciting start with the revamp of Lawyer’d on the web and the Lawyer’d Patreon page, and your generous support has been motivational encouragement the whole way.

For months the identity of Lawyer’d has been something of a question. Is it a web comic? Is it an art commission gallery? Is it a place that just amasses tidbits about every creative and non-creative project I do? One of the greatest challenges I’ve faced as a creative is embracing the concept of working to publish. When you work to publish, it means getting work done more than worrying about the quality or big picture. TLDR: Just do the things!

Initially, my Patreon page was going to be a place for streaming gaming under my Wanderer Sabaku identity; however, let’s be honest, I’m not a big gamer. I eventually moved the Patreon over into a more personal one using my last name Pederzani as a general life blog; however, I get busy so trying to log my life just wasn’t going to work. Finally, I settled on Lawyer’d.

Lawyer’d started as a mix of ideas: an outlet for my creative expression through art, music and Discord bot development — and as a place to voice my frustrations about the legal world creatively. It almost work because I’ve developed a few Discord bots out of it and sketched up a number of artworks; however, I started to lose focus a bit. Other projects like InCharacter and my with with A Stage Reborn were boiling over eating up space on my creative plate. When the time finally came that I could call myself an attorney, I knew Lawyer’d was going to have to change gears once more, but this time with more refined focus. A change that I recently have taken to addressing my nonprofit team when it comes to project success: do something you can deliver on; work to publish.

After I got my law license, I promptly did copious amounts of sleuthing and planning before emailing in to my my ethics line. Lawyers have all sorts of complicated rules and ethics obligations and I had some ideas on what I wanted to do with Lawyer’d but I wanted to do them right. The call was slightly disheartening — while other states I found examples from differed, my state’s rules meant I couldn’t use Patreon to offer legal services; however! I was cleared to give Patreon patrons a steep discount on legal services as a perk. Huzzah!

I took a look back at my drawing style and the characters I’ve built over the years, namely from Lawyer’d, Zing, The Adventures of Chewy & Gewy and most recently Jam. I had so many stories to tell and great ideas, but I struggled to commit to a real story arc to tell. My iPad is absolutely full of one-shots, scenery and sketches for so many stories but putting it all in a sensible order, let alone several separate story universes, was daunting. Finally, I had an idea.

If I’m struggling to put my characters and art out there to tell a creative story arc, why don’t I take my characters and their worlds to talk about something I’m knowledgeable on: the legal universe!

The Lawyer’d reboot was nigh. I went to work right away on it. The characters will all share a world together, and they will all have a shared story: dealing with the law. The new plan took me away from toiling over “how do I tell my Seattle story using Georges Loon and Luna Loon (Lawyer’d)” or “where should I start portraying my panic disorder with Bear (Jam)” and instead gave me something I can deliver on. Legal education! In fact, I can even use my Patreon page to ask Patrons “what law do you want me to draw about?” You’ll be able to pick legal issues and characters for me to draw in various legal situations, along with educational commentary.

There is one big rule though.

No legal advice.

What is legal advice? It’s when someone comes to me and asks me for specific advice on a specific situation, and then relies on the information I give. There are rules about that and generally legal advice means attorney-client relationship. A Patreon post feed is not a place to give someone 1:1 legal advice due to all sorts of ethical issues that may seem small to you, but are huge to the State Bar — huge as in potential for suspension or even disbarment. So, I will never use these comics, this website or Patreon to give specific legal advice and advisement. My posts will be broad educational reviews and commentary about the law in general. Any Patreon patrons and Lawyer’d fans that want specific legal advice are going to have to find an attorney. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, some of my comics will talk about that too and point you to resources like legal aid which can help you find local clinics, attorneys and so on.

Well, without further ado, here’s to the revamp of Lawyer’d on Patreon and the new website. There’s a few finishing touches left to do still so I hope you look forward to them! Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy what I do!

Best regards,