Make your requests for the early issues of Lawyer’d!

Lawyer’d is made for you, so it only make sense to offer you the opportunity to decide what subject the first issues are going to be about. I’ve added just a few options as a starter in the poll but they’re not the only options! You can comment with your own requests if they’re not in the poll! I want to know what hypotheticals you want to see!

In the future, these “pick an episode’s subject matter” are going to be Patreon Patrons Only so if you want a say in what characters like Georges, Luna, Bear, Fox and Zing play out, consider subscribing to support the comic!

Remember! As always these episodes are not meant to be legal advice but just visual digests of those giant walls of text you get from various legal education blogs. 

If you have another idea, post in in the comments on this Patreon post! If you’ve viewing from the website, head on over to the Patreon page, log in and leave a reply!