New Reward: Zoom Party!

Starting this month, I’ll be hosting a monthly Zoom party (pending participation) for Patreon subscribers. In these 40 minutes hang-out sessions, you’ll be free to ask questions (no legal advice), get to know me or even just watch me sketch out and discuss ideas on panels for Lawyer’d.

There is no set time yet but for now, I’ll be posting a heads up to help early supporters of the project tell me what time’s best for Zoom hangouts so comment below with what times work best for you if you’re interested in attending this month! 

Of course, if nobody plans to attend a Zoom hangout any given month, one won’t be hosted so I can spend more time working and less time starting at an empty chat session. 

As a bonus, I’ll be doing personalized Bonjoro video greetings after the month’s over to everyone supporting me! This month’s goals are big — I need to get a new laptop and a new printer (partly for Lawyer’d, mainly for my law practice) and you know I’m running on a deficit of a budget if you’ve read my goals. I’ve been taking money I could be using for these things to put towards more important matters like becoming a member of the National Lawyer’s Guild and New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts.

All your support helps me to do more for the communities I serve.