New Rewards: Lawyer’d Swag!

Merch rewards are now available for select tiers! I had planned to introduce basic merch rewards later down the road (and I still plan to do so for special custom merch) but for now, those who sign up under the new $40 and $70 tiers will get swag after successfully subscribing for 3 consecutive months! This is entirely handled by Patreon automatically when you qualify.

Holy cow that’s expensive isn’t it?! Yeah, sadly. The way Patreon merch is currently handled, you’re required to set a minimum value on the tier itself so one month covers its value. This is probably to encourage more long-term subscribership; however, it’s a bit cost prohibitive to low income supporters. This is why I plan to introduce special merch rewards down the road when I reach some of my larger goals that allow me to single-handedly handle designing, ordering and shipping custom merch to supporters. In the future these tiers will likely cover things like stickers and limited prints that will be available on a month-to-month basis compared to Patreon’s merch system. These future custom merch tiers I handle will include special concept and other art!

Sadly, the option to grab previews is unavailable so I wanted to at least share you the artwork that will be on the swag you get. Shirt & Sticker Art. Those who get the sticker and t-shirt will get the updated logo that includes a cartoony insert of Bear peeking over the ‘E’ and a Zing head cube in front of the Georges justice scales. Mug Art. When I originally came up with the idea of Lawyer’d, I made art representing 5 segments of Georges and Luna’s stories. The mug is a wrap-around mug of the combined 5 pieces! Hoodie. The hoodie will show off the original version of the logo with

I’m currently working on a few scripts and sketch outlines for the first episodes, but I’m still getting ideas and submissions about what hypotheticals people would like to see the characters go through. Things move slow, but mostly that’s because I’m constantly juggling my law practice, my charity and other work (like InCharacter bot) which leaves me little time for other things. In the meantime, at least I can use this to offer something for early supporters through the lull!

Early supporters are hugely helpful. Proceeds for Lawyer’d help offset the cost of my student loan debt, my solo practice and the costs of Lawyer’d itself like web hosting. My budget is running at about a $3,800 deficit for the year (not including other bills) and growing without much income to fix it, so every bit of support helps.