Supporters, join the Lawyer’d server for supporters on Discord!

Lawyer’d on Discord! The Lawyer’d server on Discord is for a community for supporters to chat, hang out and get notifications for new content on the website and Patreon. There’s special chat channels and permissions for users that support Lawyer’d through Patreon or by Nitro Boosting the server. Here’s the invite: 


It should be noted, the server is mainly for supporters (Patrons and Nitro Boosters) so it’s not set up to be your typical open social server even though it’s public. I manage enough servers as is, so I’m trying to keep the Lawyer’d server available but limited in scope.

Custom Discord bot updates. Additionally, while the Qenjagy legacy has moved on, the Lawyer’d Discord bot is going into development that will have some neat unique features just for the Lawyer’d community and its supporters.

I’ll be bringing back the mini-game that Qenjagy introduced where you can collect experience points, virtual currency and items by chatting and supporting Lawyer’d. Some of these items will allow you to unlock special extra exclusives in the future such as lore, missing pages and side stories.

? Thanks for your support!