Welcome to July! Exciting news causing some delays!

I’m moving to Albuquerque, wow! This was planned but now that it’s actually happening it is all happening very fast, so please hang tight while I’m getting my ducks in a row with IRL. I have some Bonjoro video greetings to get out and the first episode, the DMCA episode of Lawyer’d, to finish up and release here for Patrons.

I’m very excited and stressful to be moving. For those that don’t know, I’m a licensed attorney in New Mexico; however, I’ve been out of state due to some challenges my fiancee and I encountered as I was graduating law school and deciding to visit her parents for a bit of an extended stay while we got on our feet. Things are barreling fast as I opened my own law practice, launched Lawyer, coded a Discord Bot that’s gained some popularity and now scrambling as I complete paperwork for a pretty solid job opportunity that looks like will be lining up right with my move. At the same time, my fiancee is preparing to head to school this fall (now that I got a law degree, it’s her turn to chase her educational dreams) and so needless to say, things are getting a bit hectic especially with all the challenges COVID-19 is presenting to the workforce and higher education. We’re making it work! 

So, hang tight! I updated Lawyer’d ranks so those who are patient and loving supporters will get swag, swag, swag for their time! I understand though if it’s difficult justifying staying a Patron while my Lawyer’d plans stay slow due to all the life things happening, but those that do stay, thank you so much! Every bit helps, especially with the cost of moving and getting set up in Albuquerque.