Georges Enters the Ring: Art Fight!

Georges Loon has entered the ring of Art Fight — a giant art trade war that takes place online in the month of July. This will be my first year participating in it in hopes of alleviating some of the art block I’ve been experiencing getting started. While my iPad is riddled with various script snippets and sketches for characters, episodes and more, sitting down and putting an episode together from start to end is not my strong suit. Mixed with a bit of imposter syndrome, it’s hard to get the gears going even when I have a great idea, especially when feedback has been scant; however, Art Fight encourages people to make art of others’ characters and see art made of your own. After discovering its existence, I realized this would be a great way to start visualizing Georges in action hopefully, if others pick him to attack!

You can see my Art Fight profile and references for Georges (including color palette) here ( If you do choose to attack and do Art Fight art of Georges, please only use the character and not the official Lawyer’d logo with it so folks in the future don’t lose track of what’s Art Fight art and what’s Lawyer’d official art!