“Lawyer’d 2.0”

Finally, it has arrived!

The Lawyer’d website overhaul is complete! Well, more like some made-up-statistic-near-100-percent-complete-but-not-quite complete. There are still a few category and display features that aren’t fully activated yet that will come with time (i.e., event calendar and other content categories) but the major part of the overhaul is done.

This is new and clean (so clean) because I actually just completely dunked my old website, database and all to start over by hand and from scratch. In addition to being an attorney, I also have been a long-time WordPress and website designer in addition to a few other niche areas. Wearing many hats comes in handy! It may not be perfect, but it’s worthy to move forward with and I hope you enjoy the future of Lawyer’d just as much as I love making the arty shenanigans.

For those that are new or don’t know, Lawyer’d started as a webcomic idea when the trials and tribulations of being not your average attorney took its toll on me and I needed a creative outlet to vent. I’m a horrible writer, so I could never really get in the groove of creating a story arc that’d let me draw what I wanted, so the revamp started when I realized I can do better! I can use these comics to make commentary and talk broadly about the law!

Have you ever found yourself doing a Google search for something like copyright and art theft only to be greeted with a confusing wall of text that’s difficult to get through? My thought is this: I will take those broad legal topics and digest them into visual learning tools — Lawyer’d Comic — to help the public understand broad legal concepts. It should go without saying though that these are educational and entertainment, not to be taken or used as legal advice.

I’ve also revamped my Patreon in preparation for these changes. You’ll see some posts locked as Exclusive content which means you need to be a Patreon patron to view it with your Patreon account. Patreon posts will automatically come here too so if you don’t like Patreon’s layout as much as Lawyer’d, never fear, you can log in on the website to read my Patreon posts!

Well, I’ve still got work to do so before this wall of text becomes a 12:00AM post, thanks for your support and look forward to more stuff soon!

Best regards,