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Last Updated 5/26/2020

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Lawyer’d, www.LawyerdComic.com, Lawyer’d social media (Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and all related Lawyer’d content exist solely for entertainment, educational and informational purposes only. Nothing from Lawyer’d is legal advice nor creates or implies an attorney-client relationship. The content of Lawyer’d is meant to be a broad, reflective example and commentary on law; however, the law is different depending on where you live and changes made over time. Some judges may have a different understanding of the law or a case may change what the norms are. That is why Lawyer’d is here for your enjoyment only, but not as a legal reference. Lawyer’d is not a lawyer, it is content created by a lawyer, and Lawyer’d is certainly not your lawyer. If you need to lawyer up, don’t get Lawyer’d, get a lawyer.

You are not allowed to use Lawyer’d content without express permission. Linking Lawyer’d content on social media is fine or quoting Lawyer’d for a news article, but please do not “hotlink” (use my URL on your website) or download and use any images or text as your own anywhere else. If you want permission to use Lawyer’d content, please contact me with what you’d like to use and why. The reason for this is some Lawyer’d content are paid Patreon rewards which need to be respected, and other content is used in things like Lawyer’d brand merchandise. If you do link Lawyer’d somewhere for sharing it, please properly cite, link back and maybe even tag the official social media. We’ll only raise an eyebrow and have some words if you’re straight up stealing the content to sell or profit off of without permission.

We use cookies for analytics stuff. We may collect and use remarketing with information about demographics, devices, link referrals, and so on to better understand how you’re finding and using our website. Lawyer’d doesn’t sell your information. This is all done to enhance the user experience. TLDR, Lawyer’d uses Google Analytics to check out if something’s doing awesome or not and Adsense to serve non-sponsored ads.

We use Patreon’s integration. Patreon Patrons can log in with their account and see Patreon posts directly on Lawyer’d, which means we have links that direct you to Patreon’s own login and then back to our website. Lawyer’d only uses this with the integration like logging into a website with a social media account.

Links. Welcome to the internet, websites often link to outside content and by now it should be a given that Lawyer’d is not responsible for the contents outside this page, and also not responsible for guaranteeing the existence or safety of content outside the Lawyer’d website and so on itself. Lawyer’d doesn’t guarantee it’ll always be up and running either, so it’s not responsible for any interruptions to service or expectations. TLDR, if you’re angry because the website went down or a post or page linked no longer exists, hey sometimes things happen on the internet.

Questions? If you need permission to use Lawyer’d Comic information or need to contact Lawyer’d regarding these terms, please email in to contact (at) pederzani (dot) law.