#ThankYouPatrons in Advance: QENjagy [BETA]

It’s QENhere.

It’s herejagy.

The QENjagy Discord Bot has arrived in beta!

Wait a second, this is a webcomic project. Why am I suddenly running off spending an amount of time you really don’t want to ask about please making a Discord bot for … “QENjagy.”

QENjagy started as an old Discord invite code that was lost that made me go hmmm. Then, it became a hidden insert that will appear in issues of my webcomics. My love of Discord, Patreon and the little comic universe I crafted was all coming together and I realized QENjagy was the blueprint glue for it all. Thus, the QENjagy Bot was born!

The Discord server [ See: https://discord.gg/jGAUMDy ] is a place for community, fans and chatting. The webcomics are up-and-coming content that will be entertaining in the moment. What do community and fans get to do between issues though besides …. waiting. That’s where this comes in.

The QENjagy Bot is a feature-bleed feature-rich companion to the Lawyer’d Comics world. You will be able to search lore, collect relics, level up and even acquire items that unlock secret comic panels and art or give you Premium like you do for subscribing to Patreon! [ See: https://patreon.com/lawyerd ]

This way, fans who can’t afford to financially back the project get something for free, fans that want to do even more get something, people that just want to be social and enjoy the community more than the content get something, people waiting for more content have something to do, people that want to get involved early can and… well. Everyone gets something!

So we hope you look forward as we finalize additional features, move out of beta and also move Lawyer’d and Zing out of ‘beta’ into released issues, too!